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President's Message

Spring is in the air!  It’s a great time to be living in upstate New York!  I always enjoy traveling around the state this time of year and can finally drive west without fear of going through 4’ of snow in Syracuse!


There are a lot of great events coming up through the Upstate New York Chapter.  Robin Kubicki, MAI and Yvette Molinas have worked hard putting together a great education schedule for 2016 and I encourage everyone to participant when possible.  The educational offerings are a great chance to enhance industry knowledge and interact with your peers.  The website for educational offerings is as follows:


In June 10, 2016, the Upstate New York Chapter will be hosting the 16th Annual Case Studies seminar.  The seminar will be moderated by Nathan Gabbert, SRA.  Mr. Gabbert has organized eight speakers discussing a wide range of topics applicable to the valuation industry.  This is one of the Upstate Chapter’s best attended events.  Thanks Nate!


The next Region IV meeting will be held in conjunction with the 2016 Appraisal Institute Annual Conference, July 25-27, in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I will be attending this meeting and would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns members in our chapter have regarding the Appraisal Institute.  One concern I have at this time, after reviewing the Region IV Education Matrix, is the lack of advanced education offerings in our region.  Though there is a lack of offerings at this time, the Appraisal Institute is currently offering several advanced courses on-line, which may be appealing to some Candidates for Designation.  Please feel free to reach out to myself, Bill Beyerbach, MAI or Chris Harland, MAI if you would like us to discuss specific topics at the Region IV meetings.


As of March 2016, the Upstate Chapter had 3 Candidates seeking AI-GRS designations, 1 seeking both MAI and SRA, 19 seeking MAI only and 2 seeking SRA only.  Hopefully, as a chapter, we can help get these candidates to the finish line.  If any Candidate or Candidate Advisor has specific need(s) that our chapter may be able to help with, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or anyone on the board.


The Appraisal Institute is still asking designated members to register as Candidate Advisors.  At this time, we do not have any Candidate Advisors for AI-GRS or AI-RRS designation paths.  MAI and/or SRA designated members can be advisors for review designations, you just need to register as such.  I became a Candidate Advisor earlier this year and find the experience rewarding as it gives me an opportunity to give back to the Appraisal Institute and help a Candidate work through the rewarding process of obtaining designation.


If you, or anyone you know, would like to get involved in the Upstate Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, please reach out to me!  We have a very hardworking, dedicated, board of directors that are great resources if you have questions regarding benefits, time commitments and/or responsibilities.  We can all plug away at the computer and get reports out; however, finding enjoyment in the profession is a key to a long successful career.  I think any members would find enjoyment is getting involved in the Upstate Chapter!


Have a great spring and I will see you at Case Studies!


Mark D. Grant, MAI

Chapter President

Upstate Education
From USPAP offerings and Appraisal Institute seminars to our home-grown courses, including the popular "Case Studies" seminar, the Upstate Chapter is your source of great continuing education, networking opportunities, and social events.